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 Introduction to Disposable Isolation Gown Usage

 Introduction to Disposable Isolation Gown Usage

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  • Time of issue:2023-02-16
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(Summary description)We introduce disposable isolation gowns and discuss how they are used. This information should also help you choose the right gowns for specific use.

 Introduction to Disposable Isolation Gown Usage

(Summary description)We introduce disposable isolation gowns and discuss how they are used. This information should also help you choose the right gowns for specific use.

  • Categories:Industry News
  • Author:woozon
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  • Time of issue:2023-02-16
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You may have heard the phrase, disposable isolation gown many times, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. They are among several fluid-resistant and impermeable protective clothing recommended by the CDC for HCP. They are common in temporary and permanent isolation chambers.

We introduce these gowns and discuss how they are used. This information should also help you choose the right gowns for specific use.

What is A Disposable Isolation Gown?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, infected people were isolated in secluded places for at least 14 days. These isolation areas were used to control the spread of the disease by having those infected temporarily cut off from society physically.

Healthcare staff would check on the from time to time, ensuring they are faring well. Anyone who showed severe symptoms was taken to higher facilities to receive treatment.

To keep safe from the virus, the medical staff, and anyone else who wished to see the patients wore protective gear. Isolations gowns are part of this gear, used to protect the wearer from coming in contact with a potentially infectious liquid or solid material.

The gown may also be used to prevent the wearer from transferring microorganisms that could potentially harm vulnerable patients. You will wear such a gown, for instance, when you visit someone with a weak immune system.

Several other terms have been used for gowns. Some call them surgical gowns, other surgical isolation gowns, procedural gowns, and operating roof gowns.

How Are Disposable Isolations Gowns Different from Other Gowns?

When choosing protective gear, employers should be extremely careful to choose the most appropriate protective gear. Even though they all seem the same, they come with several differences that could mean a lot. It is crucial to look at all the available information, including the limitations of that clothing.

So, perhaps the best way to understand isolation gowns protective gear is to differentiate it from other gowns under the same settings. What are the gowns made from and how are they used?

First, nonsterile, disposable patients isolations gowns are the ones used during routine patient care in the hospital or any healthcare setup. They are allowed for use by a healthcare person to care for patients suspected or confirmed of an infectious pathogen.  

For instance, a healthcare provider will put on such attire when caring for COVID-19 patients. According to CDC guidelines, surgical gowns can be used where there is a shortage of disposable isolation gowns.

The reason why it’s important to understand these differences is to avoid using them wrongly. The disposable gowns are used once and then disposed of, just as the name suggests.

How to Choose the Right Disposable Isolation Gown?

As you can see, using a disposable isolation gown is extremely crucial if you are working in a risky environment. You wouldn’t want to catch the infection or spread the same to other people who may be vulnerable.  

There are three main things to consider when you are selecting wholesale PPE isolation gown options. They include:

The expected exposure

Consider where the gown will be used and the level of touch, splash or spray expected. It is therefore crucial to consider the expected exposure level at all times. If you expect to come in contact with more fluids, you need the highest protection level than environments that don’t have much fluid. The gowns will come with such indications, so it should be easy to choose. 


Are the gowns required to be fluid-resistant, fluid proof or neither? What material is used to make these gowns? You need to determine the appropriateness of the gowns based on the expected users and how much they will be used.


Medical gowns as expected to have a certain fit. Generally, you don’t want a gown that is too tight, or too loose. Luckily, Woozon Healthcare can help you find the perfect one.


Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a disposable isolation gown is comfort. Thus, you need to check the air permeability features of the gown. Disposable gowns often have a higher permeability, but you need to find one that retains comfort.

Level of protection 

When you buy or use an isolation gown, it is important to understand the level of protection they offer. As mentioned earlier, there are several levels as highlighted below:

  • Level 1: Level 1 gowns are a minimum risk. They provide a slight barrier to small amounts of penetration. They can be used during basic care, to cover visitors and similar areas.
  • Level 2: These gowns offer low risk and can be used during blood draws and in ICU. It protects the wearer against larger amounts of fluid penetration that may occur from splatter.
  • Level 3: These are gowns used in areas with moderate risk. For example, they can be used during arterial blood draws. They offer more protection than the other levels above.
  • Level 4: High-risk conditions, like during long, fluid intense procedures. They protect the wearer from all fluid penetration for up to one hour. They may also prevent virus penetration for up to an hour.

Each of these levels is important to the user. You want the best protection if you are working in the riskiest environment. And for less risky places, any level of protection will do.


The disposable isolation gowns are used to protect the wearer from exposure to blood, body fluids, and other infectious surfaces. It also protects the patients from potential threats.

Disposable isolation gowns are crucial in protecting the wear or other people from fluid and virus penetration. We have this guide has been helpful and now you can choose the right gown to meet your specific needs.

Do you need disposable isolation gowns, you have come to the right place. We offer the highest quality products to meet specific needs. Contact us now and we will help you. Woozon Healthcare


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Characteristics and requirements of disposable surgical gowns
At the time of surgery, medical staff must be required to wear special surgical gowns. At the moment of choosing surgical gowns, for the sake of safety/safety, it is necessary to protect the garments, so as to carry out strict detoxification treatment, so as to ensure the protective effect thus achieved.
Medical protective clothing
Medical protective clothing is divided into health protective clothing according to its protective function, such as radiation protection clothing, cold protection clothing, thermal insulation clothing, etc.; such as flame-retardant clothing, flame-retardant protective clothing, arc protective clothing, anti-static clothing, bulletproof clothing,
Instructions for wearing disposable medical protective clothing/isolation clothing
Instructions for wearing medical disposable medical protective clothing/isolation clothing


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