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How to distinguish the quality of disposable masks?

This article will teach you to identify good and bad disposable masks, as well as the precautions for wearing disposable masks.
27 2023/03

2023 Advantages of disposable lab coats and selection guide

This article describes the benefits of disposable lab coats and teaches you how to go about selecting them, it's a complete guide 2023
25 2023/03

Guide to choosing lab coat 2023

This guide mainly introduces the characteristics and use scenarios of different materials of lab coats, as well as the material characteristics of disposable lab coats, and guides you how to choose lab coats and the precautions to take when putting on and taking off.
14 2023/03

All about disposable isolation gowns guide 2023

All guidelines on disposable isolation gowns, including definitions, donning and doffing processes, materials, and levels of protection.
11 2023/03

How to identify if the FDA "certificate" is genuine?

How to identify if the FDA "certificate" is genuine?
03 2023/03

 Introduction to Disposable Isolation Gown Usage

We introduce disposable isolation gowns and discuss how they are used. This information should also help you choose the right gowns for specific use.
16 2023/02

Choosing the Right Disposable Isolation Gown: Material and Design Considerations

Explore the key considerations when choosing a disposable isolation gown for healthcare and other industries.Read on to make an informed decision for your safety needs.
10 2023/02

Advantages Of Non-Woven Surgical Gowns: Protection & Comfort

Learn about the advantages of using non-woven surgical gowns, including improved protection, comfort, and durability and the reasons behind their widespread popularity.
03 2023/02

Medical-Grade Shoe Covers: Protect Your Feet and Your Patients' Health

Medical shoe covers, also known as overshoes or foot covers, are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals and other workers in the medical field. They are worn over shoes to provide a barrier between the wearer's feet and the environment, helping to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
28 2023/01
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