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       Woozon Healthcare is jointly established by Hubei Mingerkang Health & Safety  Appliances Co., Ltd, Xiantao Zhongtai Protective Products Co., Ltd, Hubei Wanful Protective Products Co., Ltd, Xiantao Hank Protective Products Co., Ltd and Xiantao Lingyang Plastic Co., Ltd, registered on November 23th, 2020, and officially put into operation with 200,000,000 Yuan registered capital and 500,000,000 Yuan preliminary investment. There are seven industrial bases located in the National non-woven products Industrial Park, and cities and towns of Xiantao. The base in the industrial park is an advanced manufacturing center incorporating materials and products, and will fulfill the functions of manufacturing, logistic warehousing, constructing production system and technology research and development. The company branch in the Biopark of Wuhan Donghu Optical Valley is responsible for sales and operation, business and legal management, investment financing, administration and conferences, and training.



Woozon is currently comprised of seven sections, namely, manufacturing center, research and development center, sales center, supply chain management center, financial auditing center, administration and human resources center, business, legal and investment financing center, with more than 1,000 employees. We will incorporate the needs of industry, civil and medical fields, engage in both international and domestic markets, strive to provide more scale and more professional products and services, which include non-woven materials (S, SS, SMS, SMMS series), non-woven and plastic products (such as disposable face mask, medical face mask, isolation gown, protective suit, disposable cap and shoe cover), non-woven related professional service (such as fumigation disinfection, EO sterilization operation, industrial design), other services (such as business consultation, logistic warehousing, import and export operation, equipment rental) to global customers and create more broad value and higher satisfaction for new and old customers in the process of sustainable development.

We will uphold the value of “integrity, devotion, creation, win-win cooperation” and adhere to the development concept of "become an industry benchmark and be a respected enterprise". We will provide first-class products, professional technology, business consultation, comprehensive services from pre-sale to after-sale for new and old customers at home and abroad, and seek cooperation in a broader field and at a richer level to achieve mutual benefit and common development.



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Hubei Woozon Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel:0086 19971586848

Add: Nongfeng Road, Nonwovens Industrial Park, Wangzhou Avenue, Pengchang Town, Xiantao City

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